Wifi 6 Amazing Possiblities

802.11ax or AX Wifi or as it is popularly known as Wifi 6e is the next generation in wireless router protocol. It offers improvements on the current 802.11ac. By overcoming congestion problems brought about by various devices in the house using the same signal. The new routers will handle quadruple the amount of devices while also being 40% faster than Wifi 5 (802.11ac).

Wifi 6 Amazing Possiblities

There are several spectrums that the new Wifi 6 will be able to operate on 2.4GHz, 5GHz, 1GHz and 6GHz. The 6GHz range offers significant advantages. Thus the introduction of Wifi 6E by the Wi-Fi alliance to enable them easily to identify the devices that can use this band.

Wifi 6e the name

Wifi 6E is the name of the new extension of Wifi 6 that will add more spectrum, higher throughputs and offer lower latency. 6GHz while unlicensed at the moment may be made available around the world by regulators.

There is a spectrum shortage of standard Wifi because of the large number of devices that use them. Regulators are optimistic that the entry of 6GHz will aid in this. However, even though it offers larger channel sizes and fewer interferences from lower-WiFi-spectrum devices. Making it available will trigger a rush by equipment manufactures to adopt it according to IDC’s Research Director Phil Solis.

“This swath of spectrum, when coupled with Wifi, will power new consumer experiences on smartphones, AR/VR devices and wearables we haven’t even yet invented,” said Broadcom VP Vijay Nagarajan. The additional spectrum will bring about innovation in areas such as IoT (Internet of Things) and other connected products. 

The FCC has already agreed to let the 6GHz band in next-generation Wifi. Although this is excellent news, the FCC still has regulatory hurdles to go through in other parts of the world. 

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