Bash Scripting
Shell, Scripting & Bash Meaning Shell Meaning Shell is a macro processor which allows for interactive or non-interactive command execution. You interact with it by use of commands […]
Red Hat Ansible Automation
If you need to manage your firewalls using ansible, below, you will find several examples and rules to guide you through a simple method to maintain your consistent […]
Rectenna - create power through wifi
“Rectenna” now that is a name to remember. Scientists are raising the prospect of phones without batteries Scientists in the United States have made an enormous breakthrough. Allowing […]
Bash Scripting
This article helps you automatically back up files and directories in Linux. The example can be for any files or directories located on your server and with the […]
Wifi Extenders
When you have a large area to cover or several rooms in your house that need to get reliable Wifi, Wifi extenders are your perfect solution as they […]
People all over the world are staying home and even working from home because of the Coronavirus. Many are continually frustrated by their internet connections, issues with speed […]
By using a MySQL database such as phpMyAdmin on your web server, you can manage your database. Though phpMyAdmin poses security threats and thus some prefer SSH which […]
Apache Redirect
Make sure when you access a website, it is secure. It is important to add ‘HTTPS’ to a URL every time. It is, therefore, essential to enable automatic […]
A helpful bash script tutorial to help you back up your MySQL database, archive it and store it in your local system using a simple bash script. And not […]
Wifi 6 Amazing Possiblities
802.11ax or AX Wifi or as it is popularly known as Wifi 6e is the next generation in wireless router protocol. It offers improvements on the current 802.11ac. By overcoming […]