Google Read Along APP

Due to Covid-19, schools around the world are closed. Parents and guardians are now looking for ways to help their children learn. 

Read-Along by Google is the perfect application for that; it is an android application and can be used by children five years and older.

Use Google’s speech recognition to help develop literacy skills. Read-Along by Google helps kids learn by giving verbal and visual feedback as they read stories out loud. It is available in over 180 countries around the globe, and it helps kids in 9 languages including English, Portuguese, Hindi and Spanish.

How Read-Along by Google works

Read along is an engaging application which helps kids learn by use of its online virtual reading buddy known as Diya. It helps with their reading skills, and kids are supposed to read passages out loud. Diya then uses Google’s tools, such as text-to-speech and speech recognition to determine the reading ability of the child. If the kid is struggling, Diya will help him/her pronounce the word or sentence correctly. And just like a parent or teacher, it gives the kids encouragement as they read.

As kids learn and continue to improve, Read-Along gives them stars and badges to motivate them and keep them learning and playing. Apart from the words and sentences, Read-Along also has exciting games in the stories from around the world.

Read-Along can track the progress of the kids as they continue using the app; this progress then personalizes the experience of using the application for the kids. It recommends the right levels of stories and games to take part in for the kids. Parents can also create profiles for various kids/readers.

Safety and connectivity

The creators of Read-Along by Google designed it with kids in mind. It has no in-app purchases, and neither does it have advertisements which can be infuriating. And once downloaded, kids can use it offline. Only at the point of adding other stories can parents go online. Read-Along doesn’t require users to sign-in for them to use, and even the voice analysis performed offline.

The APP is available on the Android Play Store.

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